Where to stay in Jeju – a guide to South Korea’s gorgeous holiday island

Fancy a holiday where you’ll be able to hop from one gorgeous beach to the next, visit all kinds of quirky museums, and see stunning natural landscapes? South Korea’s “island of the gods” – Jeju Island – is the perfect destination for you.

Jeju definitely has a lot to offer. But what most first-time visitors are surprised to find out is that Jeju is huge. Even with a rental car, you can’t go around the whole island in one day. The island’s many attractions are far apart, and this is why you need to make sure you know exactly where to stay in Jeju, depending on what you’re in the mood to see and do. Continue reading “Where to stay in Jeju – a guide to South Korea’s gorgeous holiday island”

Spring in South Korea – when and where to see the cherry blossoms

Join the festivities this spring as South Korea dresses in pink! See the gorgeous cherry blossoms, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and look forward to brighter and warmer days ahead.

Life in South Korea has certainly gotten faster and flashier in the last few years, but come March, everyone stops to smell the flowers. Winter melts and spring takes over, splashing the cities and the countryside with brilliant colors and fragrant scents.

The most awaited of these blooms, of course, is the cherry blossom. While we all wait with bated breath for the forecasts and the festivals, get a head start on your travel plans with these top tips for savoring spring in South Korea.

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Udo Island – a taste of Jeju in a day

Little holidays in Udo Island

There’s something that a lot of first-time travelers to Jeju don’t realize: the island is huge.

Most people think they can fly in to Jeju in the morning, hike Hallasan mountain, visit 3 or 4 museums, spend an afternoon at the beach, maybe do a little shopping in Lotte Duty Free, before getting on the last flight out back to Seoul or Busan.

Even allotting two days in the island is not enough, not even for fast-paced travelers.

But if you only have two days and you want to experience Jeju’s beautiful natural landscape, you should go to Udo Island. Continue reading “Udo Island – a taste of Jeju in a day”