Where to stay in Jeju – a guide to South Korea’s holiday island [2019 update]

Fancy a holiday where you’ll be able to hop from one gorgeous beach to the next, visit all kinds of quirky museums, and see stunning natural landscapes? South Korea’s “island of the gods” – Jeju Island – is the perfect destination for you.

Whether you’re staying for 3 days or a week in this beautiful subtropical paradise, you’ll never run out of things to do. But what most first-time visitors are surprised to find out is that Jeju is huge. Even with a rental car, you can’t go around the whole island in one day. This is why you need to make sure you know exactly where to stay in Jeju, depending on what you’re in the mood to see and do.

This quick and easy guide to Jeju’s best hotels and accommodations will help you decide where to stay. Whether you’re in the mood for an exciting road trip, tons of shopping and food crawls, or barefoot luxury, we’ve got the best of the island for you.

Jeju Island is one of South Korea’s best summer destinations. With beautiful beaches, stunning natural landscapes, and all kinds of quirky sights, there’s so much to see and do in this “island of the gods.” Plan your trip and get ready for an exciting holiday – here’s where to stay in Jeju.

Where to stay in Jeju – a quick guide to finding your perfect place to stay

Here are quick recommendations to help you choose your base in Jeju.

  1. If you’re only staying for a night or two, stay in Jeju City. This is the main entry point to the island and a great place to do some shopping, historic sightseeing, and food-tripping. You can also see a lot of the island’s natural landscapes without having to drive all the way to the island’s southern area. You can visit several gorgeous beaches and go hiking, all in a couple of days. This is also an ideal base if you don’t plan to drive and plan to join day tours instead.
  2. If you’re staying for more than three nights, break up your stay. Stay one to two nights in Jeju City, then move south to Seogwipo City. This way, you’ll be able to explore more of the island without having to drive long distances each day, and you’ll get to reach more of the island’s beautiful landmarks. Seogwipo also has a more rustic and laidback vibe to it that island-lovers will certainly enjoy.
  3. If you’re looking for a really relaxing and laidback vacation, stay in the Jungmun Tourist AreaYou’ll find most of the tourist attractions in this area, and you’ll be able to spend your vacation just lounging and relaxing by the beach. This is also ideal for big groups and holiday-goers who like to take it slow. Some hotels in this area can arrange for an airport/ferry pick-up and all-in tours, so you can spend all your time enjoying your vacation.

Map – essential landmarks in Jeju, South Korea

Use this Google map to plan your trip and get around in Jeju. Take note that Google maps won’t give you driving routes – you’ll have to use an alternative map like Naver or Waze (read more about driving in South Korea here).

If you love shopping, historic sightseeing, and food-tripping, stay in Jeju City

Whether you’re coming to the island by air or sea, you’ll be passing by Jeju City, the island’s northern and main city. The city houses the island’s airport and main ferry which connects it to South Korea’s mainland. Fun fact: the Seoul-Jeju air route is the busiest in the world, with 76,460 flights traveled in 2018!

Jeju City is an excellent base if you love to shop and eat. You’ll also be near natural landscapes like Manjanggul Cave and Mount Hallasan.

If you plan to explore the island using public transportation, Jeju City is also a great base as you’ll always be within walking distance of a bus terminal. Just note that going from one end of the island to the other via bus can take hours, so make sure to factor that in when making your plans.

Views like this is what a holiday in Jeju is all about. From beautiful beaches to floral fields to stunning peaks, there’s a lot to see and do in South Korea’s favorite holiday island. Plan your trip quick and easy – here’s where to stay in Jeju.
Views like this is what a holiday in Jeju is all about.

Best hotels in Jeju City

★Top Pick: Hotel Leo is one of Jeju’s best hotels and our top pick in the city. Give your holiday a great start with comfortable and spacious rooms, an art gallery and restaurant, plus a great central location. Stay here for 1-2 days and explore the city and surrounding attractions easily. Double rooms start at USD 80.


For larger groups, check out holiday rentals around Jeju City. Sky Tary is just a short drive from Jeju City center where you can enjoy spacious apartments and the sea right at your doorstep. Apartments start at USD 130.

If you’re on a budget, check out Mir Guesthouse. You’ll enjoy bright rooms and modern amenities, plus an observation deck and an in-house restaurant. Beds start at USD 20.

Quick tips for exploring Jeju City

What to see and do: Shop! If you’re driving, park at Lotte Duty Free Shop (Navigate: 64-747-0283). If you like hiking, check out the Jeju Olle trails. Get on and off the Jeju Golden Bus and make your way around the city. You can also visit Udo Island as a fun day trip.

Where to eat: When in Jeju, you have to eat seafood. Check out Haejin Hoetjip Seafood Restaurant (Navigate: 64-722-4584) and Myeongjin Jeonbok Abalone Restaurant (Navigate: 64-782-9944). If you’re in the mood for traditional noodle soup, head to Olrae Guksu (Navigate: 64-742-7355).

If you love road trips, hiking, and the beach, stay in Seogwipo City

For that rustic island vibe, head to Seogwipo City.

This is Jeju Island’s second-largest city, right in the middle of the island’s beautiful natural landscapes. The Seogwipo city center is a great base to explore the southern area – from the volcanic cone or “oreum” of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak to the east to the gorgeous waterfalls and parks to the west.

If you’re arriving to Jeju Island on a morning flight or ferry, I suggest you go straight to Seogwipo. From Jeju City, this is about a 2-hour drive. Look into one of the recommended hotels in Seogwipo and use that as a base to explore the southern parts of Jeju.

Drive around Jeju, South Korea’s favorite holiday destination and see the island’s stunning canola fields and natural landscapes. If you love nature, there’s much to see and do in Jeju. Plan your holiday now – here’s where to stay in Jeju.
Drive to Jeju’s canola fields and geological landmarks. You’ll find lots of stunning natural landscapes around Seogwipo, the island’s rustic southern city.

Best hotels in Seogwipo

★Top Pick: Chason Hotel The Smile is a great place to stay in Seogwipo if you want a nice mix of city adventures, food tripping, and sightseeing. They have spacious, bright rooms and hotel amenities, and their location brings you close to Seogwipo’s cafes and restaurants. Twin rooms start at USD 50.


If you want to be closer to the beach, check out Jeju Amoze. Another great option is Story Ville, especially for families and bigger groups. For a budget option, check out Gudeok Guesthouse.

Quick tips for exploring Seogwipo City

What to see and do: You’ll be very near to most of Jeju Island’s tourist destinations. Be sure to hop over to the Jungmun Tourist Area to check out the waterfalls and the quirky museums. Allot one day to go to Udo Island and trek up the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. Go on a yacht sightseeing tour.

Where to eat: Personally, I loved the food options in Seogwipo City a lot more than those in Jeju City. One of our favorites was a restaurant specializing in black pork meat, which happens to be Jeju’s specialty. Make sure to pay a visit to Jeju Hukdon Saesang Suragan (Navigate: 64-762-8588) for one of the best BBQ experiences in South Korea. Try also the abalone soup in Jeju Halmang Ttukbaegi Restaurant along the Chilsimni Food Street (Navigate: 64-733-9934). While you’re in Chilsimni, explore the other restaurants for more seafood options.

If you’re in the mood for total barefoot luxury, chill out at the Jungmun Tourist Area

For a totally relaxing and leisurely stay in Jeju, stay within the Jungmun Tourist Area. You almost won’t need to go anywhere else during your stay here, as there are lots of attractions within the tourist complex.

You’ll also find the best, high-end resorts in this area providing the perfect getaway from the city. You can spend your holiday lounging at the beach and eating fresh seafood, or pamper yourself in the hotels’ in-house spas and wellness centers. You won’t need to drive yourself around either, as the hotels offer great tour packages.

All this luxury comes at a price, of course, so if you’d rather stay at a more affordable location, check the hotels in Seogwipo City downtown on the previous section. If you don’t mind occasionally splurging though – maybe you’re celebrating something special? – read on for Jeju’s best luxury hotels.

Jeju is filled with amazing natural landscapes at every turn. From stunning waterfalls to beautiful beaches and vibrant floral fields, there’s much to see and explore in South Korea’s favorite holiday destination. Plan your trip to the island now – here’s where to stay in Jeju.
One moment you’re relaxing by the beach and eating seafood. The next you’re walking through a beautiful forest, and suddenly, this view greets you. You’ll definitely never run out of breathtaking moments in this island.

Best luxury hotels in Jeju – Jungmun Tourist Area

★Top Pick: The Seaes Resort will give you the most luxurious experience in Jeju Island. With beautiful rooms displaying the best of traditional Korean architecture and design and hotel grounds that harmoniously blend with the island’s natural landscapes, a couple of nights’ stay here is guaranteed to give you the best holiday. Double rooms start at USD 350.


The Shilla Jeju is also a great option. It’s a 10-minute walk from the beautiful Jungmun Beach and a short drive to the island’s southern sights and natural landscapes. Of course, The Shilla pampers you with gorgeous rooms and luxury amenities, so you’re definitely in for a treat, island-style. Double rooms start at USD 460.


Quick tips for exploring Jeju’s Jungmun Tourist Area

What to see and do: Make the most of your luxury accommodations! Then check out the Yeomiji Botanical Garden and the Cheonjeyeon Falls. Complete your stay with a luxury yacht sailing trip that will bring you to Jeju’s beautiful coastlines – you may even spot some dolphins!

Where to eat: Definitely try Jeju’s specialty, the black pork. For a BBQ with a view, check out Hayeong, a hilltop Korean restaurant serving great food and stunning views. (Navigation: 64-738-6011).

Tell us: What are you most excited about your trip to Jeju?

Top tips for your holiday in Jeju

Booking a hotel – If you’re staying only for 2-3 days, stay either in Jeju City or in the Jungmun Tourist Area. Both bases are great for exploring either the northern part of the city (Jeju City) or the southern parts (Jungmun Tourist Area).

If you’re staying for more than 3 days, though, you can break up your stay and spend half your stay in Jeju City, and the other half in Seogwipo. You’ll get to see more of the island without having to drive long distances each day.

Getting around – Driving with a rental car is the best way to get around Jeju Island. You’ll get to see more sights than if you used the buses that go around the island, plus the whole island makes for a pretty scenic road trip. Here’s my guide to driving in South Korea and here’s where you can reserve a rental car online in advance (highly recommended – book at least a month in advance).

If you don’t want to drive, though, you can also hire a chauffeured car to drive you according to your itinerary or use the Jeju City Bus.

Recommended day tours around Jeju Island – Another way you can get to Jeju’s best sights is by joining these day tours around the island. If you plan to explore the island this way, it’s best to choose a hotel in Jeju City as that’s where tour operators will pick you up from. Here are the tours that will give you the best experience in Jeju.

  • Eastern JejuThis tour will bring you to Seongeup Folk Village, the Manjang Cave, and the Seongsan Peak through the island’s beautiful scenery.
  • Western Jeju – This brings you to Hallim Park, up Suweolbong, to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, and to the Teddy Bear Museum.
  • Southern Jeju – This rounds up Jeju’s top sights with a visit to the Mysterious Road, Mt. Halla, Jeongbang Falls, Jusangjeolli Cliff, and Yakcheon Temple.

Staying connected – It’s convenient to get a mobile Wi-Fi while in Jeju, especially if you want to plan on the go. This will help you stay connected with your travel buddies and let you navigate Jeju Island easily.

(If you’re entering South Korea via the airports in Seoul or Busan, here’s where you can get your mobile Wi-Fi instead.)

* * *

I hope this quick and handy guide helps you choose where to stay in Jeju! Get ready for a fun little holiday filled with breathtaking natural landscapes, quirky attractions, and lots of sun and sand.

If you have any questions about your trip to Jeju, get in touch, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Happy travels to South Korea!

First published – 23 May 2017

Last updated – 29 July 2019 – updated information on hotels and sights, added travel-planning tips

81 Replies to “Where to stay in Jeju – a guide to South Korea’s holiday island [2019 update]”

  1. Hi there! I will be going to Jeju in January 2018 and it will be winter. May I know what are the places to visit and not to visit (due to winter)? Do you have a guide for a winter visit? Thank you!!!

      1. Hi there! Will be going to Jeju next month but unfortunately have booked all my stays in Seogwipo as I just came across your article . Anyway will be there for 3 full nights and half full day before we leave for Seoul. Will be taking public transportation as we are a senior couple and not fancy doing any driving on our own. Any suggestions for a good itinery will be very much appreciated, thanking you in advance!

  2. Hi. I need your advise. I am going to Jeju probably this coming spring next year. I am gonna spend around 5-6 days day (4 full days excluding arrival & departure).
    I want to go hike and walk on every trails , mountains and forests instead of seeing museums. Which area(s) should I stay? It’s better to rent a car or take bus to most nature areas? Thank you

    1. Hi Anne, for four days, you could split your time between Seogwipo and Jeju City. Go directly to Seogwipo when you arrive and explore the hiking trails on the south of the island, then move to Jeju City for about 2 days before you leave the island. Having your own rental car would make going around the island more efficient and a lot easier. 🙂

  3. Hello ! I’m newly married and fascinated to come jeju island for my honeymoon trip by this end of December or in earlier weeks of January!! Can you suggest me best honeymoon exotic stay with private bay and romantic candle dinner option etc and also is there any options for scuba diving and also any adventures over there ? Plz do let me know as this is my dream destination from long years !

    1. Hi! Sure, there’s lots to do in Jeju for families with kids. Maybe stay somewhere within the Jungmun Tourist Area so you’ll have an easier time going around different museums and attractions. Double check the weather, though. It’s a little too cold to go for a swim outside, but some resorts may have indoor heated pools. Have fun!

  4. Hi, we are planning for family vacation for 20 members end of May 2018 about 6 days in jeju island. What is your recommendation for our accommodation and transport for old and young .
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jane,

      Check out Sky Tary – they’re great for big groups. If you want an all-inclusive trip, check out the resorts in Jungmun tourist area. They usually offer private transportation around the island for their guests. Have fun!

  5. Hi, we are planning a trip to Jeju for 3d2N. We will like to visit see some site scenery and we will like to visit Udo island as well. It will be our pleasure if you can recommend us the good place for our short trips.

    1. Hi Nana! I’d suggest you stay in Seogwipo as it’s a really great base for visiting Udo Island, as well as hiking and nature spots near the south of the island. Check my hotel recommendations for Seogwipo to see which one works for you. Have fun! 🙂

      1. Thanks. Another question will be if we will like to rent car to tour around jeju and udo island. Which car rental would u recommend? 🙂

  6. Haiii.. we will be going this early feb to jeju for 2Days 1night trip only. And i am torn between staying in jeju city or jungmun resort area. Any recommendation? Thankssss so much!!

    1. Hi Lina! Oh no, I’d be torn, too! But it really depends on what you want to see and how you’re planning to get around. If you’re in Jeju for shopping, city scenes, and food tripping, I’d suggest that you stay in Jeju City. But if you want to see natural landscapes and plan to drive or join day tours, Jungmun Resort Area is a good choice. Good luck!

  7. Hi, my frenz n I will be travel on early of Apr18 for 6 days 5 nitez. Is it better to split out to stay at jeju city and seogwipo instead of stay at jeju city only? Cos v will traveling using public transport due to limited budget. Any accommodation recommend?

  8. Hi my travel buddy and I will be visiting Jeju for the first time in late April. It will 5D4N with 3 full days as our flights will arrive and depart at about 2 pm. We plan to go straight to Seowigpo for 2 nights after arrival and the last 2 nights in Jeju City.
    We won’t do long hike, but will consider short 30 – 45 mins hike. We hope to cover the major (must see) attractions, acrobatic show, try hanbok costume and shopping. How should we plan our trip and where should we stay (budget < US$50 per night) ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hey, great plan to divide your stay and start with Seogwipo. They are lots of budget stays in the downtown area – check out Mimi Guesthouse and similar hostels. For Jeju City, check out Mir Guesthouse. You’ll find links to those within the blog post.

      For your hikes, check out the Olle trails – https://jejuolletrailguide.net/. You can choose which trails appeal to you. I suggest to do your shopping in Jeju City – make your way to the Lotte mall and explore the stores from there. Are you going to rent a car? If not, there are plenty of buses going around the island.

      1. Hi littleholidays, thank you so much for your reply. I am still considering whether to drive or try out 1 day tour for East-North on the day we check out Seogwipo enroute to Jeju City. Yeha Tours seem good but the pick up point is quite limited. I will check those links and suggestions you have given.

        1. Joining the day tours is also a great idea, especially if you’re short on time. If you’re driving, spending a day in Udo Island will give you a great overview of Jeju’s natural landscapes. You can find a post on Udo Island on the blog as well. 🙂

  9. Hi Littleholidays, I’m heading to Jeju in March for 3 nights would you recommend to split the stay between Seogwipo and Jeju City? I presumed I can easily follow a local day tour? if I’m not driving? Thanks.

    1. Hey Katherine, you can split up your stay – 2 days in Seogwipo and your last night in Jeju City would be great. You can join some group tours or get around using the city buses as well. 🙂

  10. Hi littleholidays,

    Your post is really helpful. How do people travel around Jeju if they don’t drive? Is public transport easily available? Thanks.

  11. Hi, my husband and I planning to catch cherry blossom in Jeju at the late March. Would you recommend where should we stay in order to have a great scenery?

    1. Hello, both Jeju City and Seogwipo offer great cherry blossoms-viewing spots. If you have only 2 days, stay in Seogwipo. If you have 3 days or more, break up your stay. Go to Seogwipo first and explore the southern part of the island, then move to Jeju City. 🙂 Have fun!

  12. Hi, we will only be staying for 2 days and 1 night in Jeju. We want nature view (not shopping) and chill vibe, where do you suggest we stay – Seogwipo or Jungmun Tourist Area? and do you know a van/driver we can rent during the stay? we are 6 pax. 🙂

    1. Hi Diane, both areas are great bases, but if you want maximum convenience, stay in Jungmun Tourist Area. Most resorts there can organize a day tour (with van and driver) for you. Have fun! 🙂

  13. Hi have tried researching through google and am getting mixed answers,is it true Jeju Island is mostly visa free except that small list of countries,or is there a catch? Do not know if you have insight into that but any would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Kenneth, best to check with the South Korean embassy in your country, but it is true that some countries requiring a visa to get into other parts of South Korea can get visa-free into Jeju Island. 🙂

  14. Our meal plan includes dinner at Chilsimni Food St. in Seogwipo. I read some blogs that the street is rather quiet and restaurant foods are expensive. Do you have any recommendation for a good and inexpensive dinner place ?

    1. Hi, yes it’s more of a sit-down place, which is why it’s more expensive than street food or stalls in the markets of Seogwipo. We ate there in a restaurant which specialized in seafood and abalone soup – Jeju Halmang Ttukbaegi Restaurant. But our favorite restaurant in Seogwipo was not in Chilsimni. It was a BBQ place serving black pork, and was somewhere in downtown Seogwipo. You can navigate to it using their phone number – Jeju Hukdon Saesang Suragan 64-762-8588. 🙂

  15. Hi Trazy

    May i know whether Trick Art Museum in Pyoseon-myeon) is the same as Trick Eye Museum (the one in your website) ?

    There is also Alive Museum in Jungmun.

    Which is more suitable for adults (no kids) to visit?

  16. Hi, I am going for four nights to Jeju Island and looking for a relaxing time of laying on the beach and hiking. If I stay at Hotel Virginia in Seogwipo, which beaches and hiking spots would you recommend I visit?

    1. Hi Margaret, sounds like a fun time in Jeju. I’d recommend that you get a rental car and drive to Udo Island and Seongsan Ilchulbong. Or, you can get on an Olle trail. Have fun!

  17. Hi, I will be staying in Seogwipo for 4 days at the Hotel Virginia. Can you please tell me which beaches and hiking areas would be best for a relaxing vacation nearby there?

  18. Hi I’m planning a 3D2N trip to Jeju in Sept and would like to know is it better to stay 2 nights in Jeju city or 1 night in Jeju and 1 night in Seogwipo city. I would like to go to Udo island for sightseeing if time permits on 3rd day before flying back to Seoul (returning flight is 3pm).

    1. Hello Annie, for a 2-night stay, best to just stay in either Jeju City or Seogwipo so you don’t lose time moving around. If you’re driving, stay in Seogwipo. Otherwise, stay in Jeju City. Hope that helps!

  19. Hi, I am planning 3D2N trip to jeju, as follow
    seongsan ilchulbong peak + udo island + maze park
    Day 2:
    Saebyeol Oreum+ o’sulloc green tea field
    Day 3:
    Hallasan mountain
    I will use public transportation, what is the best place to stay?

    and I want to ask if it will be nice to go there at late october?

    1. Hi, the places you want to visit are all over the island, and since you’ll be staying for a short time, staying somewhere in Jeju City is your best option. Late October will be a great time to see fall foliage, so the places you want to visit are great! Have fun!

  20. Hi,
    I’ll be going to jeju on 21august for 2 nights. Can you recommend hotels that is luxury and near shopping and near of the important places that needs to visit. Any recommendations how to go about in jeju?


    1. Hi! August is a great time to go as it’s the peak of summer. For a luxury resort in a comfortable location, you should look at the resorts in the Jungmun area – I list the best ones on the Jungmun section here. Your resort can also arrange for transport around the island, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a car and drive around the island. Have fun!

  21. Hi, I will going Jeju in October, I haven’t decide where to stay in Jeju. may I any special event or place must visit in October ? I will stay 3d2d but the last day early in the morning will leave Jeju. Most of my friend recommended to rent a car, because They told me that transportation is not convenient, may I know is it necessary?

    1. Hi, renting a car will definitely make going around Jeju a lot easier, especially since you’re staying for such a short time. By late October, leaves may already be turning and a hike up Hallasan is a good way to experience this. You can also go for a day trip to Udo Island for a quick overview of Jeju’s natural landscapes. 🙂

  22. Hi,
    I will be going to Jeju Islands in late August.
    1. What would be a good place( city, hotel, area) to stay to learn about the aging korean fisherwomen-Haenyeo.
    2. Is it possible to stay amidst them and interact with them?
    3. How safe is diving in the waters around, with them?
    4. Any tips, guidance or websites/blogs will be much appreciated. Thanks:)

    1. Hi,
      I’m going jeju in end Nov for 4D3N. I will be booking daily tour ( 1 day east and 1 day west coast tour) as not familiar with the road and no good driving skills.
      Any recommendations where to stay which is convenient and any places to visit? Any recommendations which day tours agency to book from?

      1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for reading the Little Holidays blog!

        Here are some quick recommendations for your visit to Jeju –

        Where to stay – It’s best to stay in Jeju City if you are joining day tours. Here’s one of the best hotels in Jeju City.

        Recommended tours

        Go around the Eastern side (join this tour) of the island. This includes the Seongeup Folk Village, the Manjang Cave (lava tunnel, Seongsan Peak, and lots of beautiful scenery.
        Go around the Western side of the island. Go to Hallim Park, go up Suweolbong, visit Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, and make your way to the Teddy Bear Museum. Here’s the tour you can join.
        You can also go on a tour of the Southern parts of the island if you like.

        I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions about your trip. 🙂

  23. Hi
    I am planning to visit jeju for 2nights. I will enter in jeju around 2pm on first day and leave jeju at 2pm on third day. Could you please advise what is the must visit places i should visit on first half day and second full day. Also advise best hotel with budget of 50USD. And what should we do for car rental. Is that a best option.

  24. Hi Littleholidays,

    I have ready each and every word in this entire page (article & comments) I really appreciate your patience in replying to all these question, thanks for your article.

    Would early March would be good time to visit Jeju? Will I see any cherry blossom/any flowers & greenery?

  25. Ho. We’re spending 2 days in Jeju and want to visit the museums like chocolate museum, teddy bear museum and Play Kpop. Where best should we stay at?

  26. Hi there,
    I’m traveling w a pal in late April. Both gals and we will be there for about 2.5 days. Flying in via Incheon then Gimpo to Jeju, so will arrive in the late PM. It’s our first trip to Jeju and we prefer nature over shopping, and will be driving. Do u think it’s a good idea to stay in Jeju city or Seongwipo? Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela! Normally I would recommend Seogwipo as your base if you prefer nature trips to shopping. But since you’re staying for a short time and will be arriving late, it’s best to stay in Jeju City so you don’t spend your whole trip driving back and forth. On your second day (technically your first full day), start early and explore the island’s southern sights. On your last day, explore the areas around Jeju City.

      I hope this helps!

  27. Hi! I am travelling to Jeju in April. I will be flying in from Seoul, and staying for two full days. I do not drive so I am in a fix – where would you suggest I stay? I want to see the beaches and the UNESCO sites, and am also planning a hike.

  28. Thank you so much . Your blog is very helpful. Just wanted to check since I will be in Jeju only for 2 nights but I am a more of a nature person so where shpuld I book the place according to you. Still Jeju City or Segowipo

  29. Hi Littleholidays, so many great suggestions on where to stay. I stayed in the Kensington Jeju Hotel and can definitely recommend that. Also, seems like you have a lot of good posts on Korea, I will be sure to check those out.

    I some recommendations from my trip to Jeju, would be great if you could check it out: https://boundforbusan.com/?p=1094

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