What’s Your Travel Superpower?

Perfect weather at Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

On our last night in Cesky Krumlov, we came back from hiking around the Blansky Forest to an empty old town. Having hiked more than 20 kilometers, we were in need of some food but found most of the establishments were already closed and few people were out walking along the lamppost-lit cobblestone streets.

We checked the time – barely 8 PM. What was wrong with people? Granted, it was a Sunday, but still, this was Cesky Krumlov! How can they be sleeping?

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Cooking Czech cuisine at home

Kristyna of the Czech Cookbook shares some of her best recipes to help you recreate that savory goodness of Czech cuisine. If you’re craving for a trip back to our beloved Czechia, a few hours in the kitchen will bring back the delicious memories of your favorite Czech food.

My most vivid travel memories always involve food.

I first visited the Czech Republic in 2014. I went around the old town and the castle complex, took a hundred photos along Charles Bridge, and waited for the astronomical clock’s hourly Apostles’ march. But of all these wonderful and historic things in Prague, there’s one thing I remember the most: the smell of cinnamon.

I remember watching the rows of trdelnik grilling in a little stall to the side of the old town square, the crystals of sugar caramelizing further with each turn of the rolled dough, letting out that irresistible smell of burnt sugar. I remember getting my hands on one that was indulgently topped with vanilla ice cream despite the cool weather. I remember biting into the doughy exterior, the cinnamon flavor and caramel mixing perfectly with the soft ice cream.

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Driving from Prague to Vienna, slowly through Czech Republic’s scenic south

Czech Republic is filled with gorgeous castle towns, medieval villages, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Visit them in this road trip itinerary from Prague to Vienna!

Here’s how the typical Central European travel itinerary goes: you spend a few days in Prague with several early morning attempts to take pictures at the Charles Bridge, board a train to Vienna where you blitz through the many historical churches and museums, maybe even spend an evening at the opera and have a slice of sachertorte, then take another train to Budapest, where you fill your camera with more crowded pictures of the Fisherman’s Bastion. By the end of this trip, you hardly remember anything and you just want to collapse in bed and take another vacation.

I get it. For most of us non-European travelers, Europe is this shiny, star-studded continent filled with some of the world’s best, most romantic, most historical – most superlative – cities in the world that we just want to cram our itineraries and see ALL. OF. THEM. The lack of borders and ease of movement is also mind-blowing for most of us that we get a little bit (or a lot) trigger-happy when planning our trips.

But here’s a radical suggestion: take it slow. Instead of rushing from one country to the next, take some time to really explore a place. While capital cities like Prague and Vienna are, of course, must-visits for first-time travelers, you can make your trip a lot more interesting with stop-overs to the little towns in between. You’ll establish a deeper connection with the places you visit, gain a better understanding of the culture, and have a more fulfilling holiday experience.

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Brno city break – essential sights and where to eat, drink, and stay

If you’re looking for a hip European city with loads of culture and attitude, minus the crowds and the hefty price tag, Brno’s the perfect destination for you. While largely overshadowed by Prague, Czech Republic’s second city has a lot to offer. Its medieval streets and underground labyrinths tell stories as far back as the 13th century while the modern buildings and cafes that sprout endlessly continue to make Brno the vibrant city it is today. Check out this travel guide to plan your trip to Brno!

When you’re on holiday, you get to have the most indulgent dilemmas of all.

Like: “Should we wake up early tomorrow to catch the sunrise and take gorgeous morning pictures of the lakeside? Or sleep in and cuddle on our impossibly snug and cozy queen bed?”

If you’re in the Czech Republic or planning to visit soon, you’re probably agonizing: “Where should I go after Prague?”

While the popular answer may be the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov or the spa town of Karlovy Vary, let me invite you to a cool alternative city break: Brno, the capital of South Moravia.

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Where to stay in Prague – a guide to the city’s neighborhoods and best accommodations

Where to stay in Prague - a guide to the neighborhoods and best hotels in Prague

“Prague won’t let you go, the little mother has claws,” so said Franz Kafka, the capital’s most famous son.

And while Franz Kafka obviously had a deeper connection with the city, travelers to Prague can’t help but feel the same way to some degree. Prague never gets old and it never goes out of style or season.

There’s always something new going on in Prague – be it a new row of restaurants, a new edgy café in an up-and-coming neighborhood, or a new quirky art installation. But at the same time, the old is splendidly preserved, the centuries’ worth of Gothic, Romantic, and Baroque architecture still standing proudly even after world wars, fires, and natural calamities.

All these led to the Prague of today: a city that goes from medieval to modern, conventional to quirky, historic to hipster, and sacred to scandalous in a few blocks.

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5 days in the Czech Republic – the best sights for your first visit

Here’s what to do on your first visit to the Czech Republic: immerse in the fairytale cities of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, drive or hike around the countryside, and drink up the magic, atmosphere, and the world’s greatest beer.

The Czech Republic is an amazing country with a wealth of culture, history, architecture, and natural beauty. In this 5-day itinerary for first-time visitors, you’ll fall in love with two of Europe’s most beautiful cities and get a taste of the great outdoors that makes hiking one of the Czechs’ favorite past times. By the end of your trip, you’ll realize 5 days is hardly enough. These are the sights that will surely make you come back. Continue reading “5 days in the Czech Republic – the best sights for your first visit”

South Moravia – revelry and relaxation in Czech Republic’s wine region

Are you headed to Central Europe? Here are the top reasons to add South Moravia to your itinerary! If you’re going “South Mora-WHAT?”, all the more reasons to read on and CZECH OUT the Czech Republic’s luscious wine region!

My train stops on the border town of Mikulov in South Moravia, and as I step out onto the platform, I am treated to the distinctive beauty of a Czech castle town: red terracotta roofs, twisted cobblestone streets, and an imposing 13th-century castle set against the backdrop of rolling hills and the outline of a distant mountain range.

But the normally sleepy town is abuzz this beautiful September weekend. It’s the annual Palavske vinobrani, a weekend-long wine festival that transforms the usually sleepy town into a big wild street party. And even first-time festival-goers like me know: where wine flows, merriment follows. Continue reading “South Moravia – revelry and relaxation in Czech Republic’s wine region”

Cesky Krumlov travel guide – a trip to Europe’s magnificent gem

Step into the magical old town of Cesky Krumlov. There’s so much to see, experience, and learn – this painless travel guide helps you find your way around the town.

Have you ever had one of those crazy fantasies where you are the king or queen of a medieval kingdom? That the land is at peace, your subjects adore you and there isn’t a brewing coup or an impending invasion? And more importantly: that the person with whom you are betrothed is actually your secret childhood love and not some stranger you had to strategically marry?

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