Where to stay in Brno, Czech Republic – best hotels in South Moravia’s exciting capital

Lying in the center of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, it’s easy to miss Brno. For most travelers, it’s a train stop between Central Europe’s most popular destinations. But if you’re looking for a break from the ultra-touristy (looking at you, Prague) and expensive (ahem, Vienna) cities, Brno is the perfect layover.

In Brno, you’ll get to enjoy magnificent architecture, a vibrant food and drinks scene, and a couple of quirky attractions – minus the crowds and hefty price tags. Plus, you’ll be a short train ride away from Czech Republic’s best wineries housed in castle towns and charming villages, making this the perfect laidback city break.

Take a break from your hectic Central European bucket list. Add a couple of days in Brno to your itinerary and recharge in its artsy cafes, cool wine cellars, and sprawling green spaces. Here’s where to stay in Brno.

In between ultra-touristy Prague and pricey Vienna, lies Brno – the unassuming, underrated, but ultimately hip capital of Czech Republic’s South Moravian region. Here’s a city that houses magnificent architecture, a vibrant food and drinks scene, and a number of quirky attractions, and yet none of the crowds and hefty price tags of the more popular Central European cities. If you’re looking for a cool city to chill in, then you have to check this out. Here’s where to stay in Brno.

Where to stay in Brno, Czech Republic – top 5 hotels and holiday homes in the city

Brno caters to all kind of travelers. From luxury holidays to romantic getaways, family trips, and backpacking jaunts, you’ll find a great hotel to stay in. Here are our top picks.

Grandezza Hotel Luxury Palace

The name says it all. This grand palatial hotel will pamper you with beautiful old-world interiors, amazing views of the city, an excellent in-house restaurant, and service fit for a queen. It gives you a great taste of the city before you even walk out its doors, and from there, it’s a short walk to Brno’s top sights. Double rooms start at EUR 120.


If you’re not much for glitz and glamour but do enjoy a comfortable bed, a cozy room, and modern amenities, Fairhotel is the best-value hotel in Brno. Set in a quiet area just a 20-minute-walk outside the city center, this beautiful hotel offers a wellness center, a sky bar with gorgeous views of Brno, and a Finnish sauna. It also houses one of the city’s best restaurants, the Faircafe, which is worth a visit in itself. Rooms start at a steal price of EUR 70.

Masarykova N30

Hundred-year-old hotels with marble statues and gold gilded mirrors give you the creeps? If you’re looking for something that feels more like home to chill out in after a tiring day of explorations, check into one of these beautiful and bright apartments right in the heart of Brno. You can cook your own meals, wash your clothes, hang out by the balcony and watch the world go by, and just veg. They have apartments that could comfortably fit up to 6 persons, but also options for couples and even solo travelers. Apartments start at EUR 90.

Coco Chanel Boutique Apartment

Wonder what it’s like to live in a chic apartment? You know – with sleek table tops, stylish furniture, and ethereal lighting streaming through the windows? This apartment, magnificently marrying comfort and luxury, gives you that experience, right in the center of Brno. It’s the perfect spot for romantic getaways and luxury holidays! There’s only one of it, though, so book your trip ASAP. The apartment starts at EUR 140.

Maximus Resort

Now let’s step out of the city center and onto leisure. While most people won’t think to go to Brno to swim, this resort is an excellent place to spend a couple of days, especially if you’re feeling a bit weary from all the traveling. Non-stop walking and overnight train rides can take their toll on you.

The resort is a 5-minute walk from the Brno Reservoir, a sprawling park with a beautiful lake, tree-lined walking trails, and a row of restaurants. The resort itself houses a sauna with a swimming pool and a hot tub, as well as a sports complex with tennis courts, billiards, and bowling alleys. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge. Twin rooms start at EUR 90.

Bonus: Luxusni prazdninovy dum

I know this is the 6th accommodation on this list, and while it’s technically not in Brno, it’s a leisurely 20-minute drive from the city center to this fantastic holiday home – and the place is just too good to not include to this list.

Lying just outside Brno in the small quiet town of Rosice, this gorgeous two-bedroom vacation home is perfect for couples and small groups who want to relax and have an intimate holiday away from the crowds. With indoor and outdoor pools, a nearby lake, and a garden with a grill, it’s the perfect venue for special occasions. There’s only one of it, so make sure to reserve your stay in advance. The house starts at EUR 180.

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I hope this guide helps you find the best hotels in Brno! Happy travels in the Czech Republic!

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