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Driving from Vienna to Salzburg – a scenic road trip through Austria’s countryside

Driving from Vienna to Salzburg is a quick and easy way to visit two of Austria’s magnificent cities. Salzburg is approximately 300 km to the west of Vienna, and you can easily reach it via the A1 motorway (West Autobahn) in 3 hours.

But while Vienna and Salzburg both have much to offer, a scenic road trip across Austria’s countryside will give you a more delightful overview of the country. Rolling hills, majestic mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and storybook towns await in this amazing road trip itinerary from Vienna to Salzburg!

Where to stay in Vienna – district guide and best hotels in Vienna, Austria

Get ready for a holiday to remember in Vienna, Austria’s majestic capital! While celebrated yearly as the world’s best city to live in, Vienna remains one of Europe’s most underrated travel destinations. Which works well for us – we won’t have to go through crowds to enjoy Vienna’s charming historic center, abundant royal art collections, indie and edgy neighborhoods, and wine taverns amidst sprawling hills. Here’s your essential travel guide on where to stay in Vienna.