Where to stay in Tallinn, Estonia – neighborhood guide and best hotels

Looking for a new city to explore? Tallinn definitely fits the bill. Estonia’s capital will fondly remind you of many of your favorite European cities – and yet it’s completely distinctive and fresh. This classic port city has as many influences as the waves of people that have found their way onto its piers, and now it’s fast-becoming Europe’s prime startup scene. It’s for anyone looking for a dose of creative inspiration and heaps of adventure, really. Sounds like you? Here’s how to explore and where to stay in Tallinn.

Step into any of the world’s most exciting cities and you’re sure to find elements of the old and new.

The timeline begins in the historical center, showcasing the city’s oldest buildings and earliest traditions, perhaps the city’s oldest pub or a piece of cryptic medieval art. You hear the collective buzz of a hundred languages converged in one square, and make your way through people all looking for that perfect shot. As you walk outwards, a narrative unfolds. The buildings change gradually according to the city’s history – an era of opulence there, the dawn of a new artistic movement here. You fall in step with smartly-dressed locals all in a hurry to get somewhere – you’re the only one looking up at the buildings. You eventually reach a district that screams of the present – trendy restaurants, concept cafes, and brightly-lit shops with attractive displays of the latest styles, all punctuated by young people in pastels and bright colors, their faces hiding behind a laptop, a cup of coffee, or a phone.

In Tallinn, Estonia, the passage of time is not so linear. It’s as loopy and twisty as the streets of the city itself, winding through trees and buildings and time itself.

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