Where to stay in Geneva, Switzerland – best hotels and areas for a luxurious city break

Breathtaking alpine views, luxury shops, and a lot of chocolate and fondue – these are all the things waiting for you at Geneva, Switzerland. Whether you’re here for business, leisure, or as a quick stopover on your way to the Alps, there’s a lot to keep a city break here interesting. Here’s where to stay in Geneva.

If you’re looking for a luxurious city break, you can’t go wrong with Geneva.

Bright mornings treat you to a view of the lake and the alps, sparkling under the sun. A relaxing walk along the quay brings you to shopping streets lined with the world’s most luxurious brands, and lunch is a new opportunity to eat fondue. Afternoons are for exploring the old town’s alleys and discovering vintage shops and quiet cafes, while the evening is for dinner cruises onboard period ships.

Whether you’re on your way to the Alps, to a business meeting, or simply looking to unwind, a day or two in this cosmopolitan city is the perfect holiday. Here’s where to stay in Geneva. Continue reading “Where to stay in Geneva, Switzerland – best hotels and areas for a luxurious city break”

10 best things to do in Alsace, France – a real-life storybook destination

From medieval cobbled towns to charming villages splashed in pastel tones, the lovely Alsace region in eastern France is a holiday destination straight out of a storybook. Spend days wandering around narrow postcard-perfect streets, go for a road trip through picturesque vineyards and to scenic peaks, and enjoy the good life with oodles of hearty cuisine and excellent wine. Here are the top things to do in Alsace.

A visit to Alsace is a trip back to your childhood.

You know, those long nights spent under a blanket with only a flashlight to guide you through the crumbling pages of a well-worn, well-loved book, its pages filled with beautiful princesses, dashing men, and eloquent animals. While the heroes and heroines would eventually find their way to enchanted forests and abandoned castles, their adventures would always begin in a tiny town, with pastel houses and wooden beams, a stork’s nest on a lookout tower, rickety bridges over quiet waterways, and glistening emerald hills in the distance.

That picture right there – the one in your mind right now – that’s precisely what Alsace looks like. Well, sans the magical animals, but it’s pretty close.

If you’ve ever wondered if the places in the storybooks are real, check out these real-life pictures of Alsace and relive your childhood adventures. Continue reading “10 best things to do in Alsace, France – a real-life storybook destination”

Where to stay in Strasbourg, France – a guide to the city’s best districts and hotels

Begin your fairytale holiday in Petite France – the most enchanting place in Strasbourg. Stroll along the quiet River Ill past pastel houses and flower-decked bridges and take a thousand photos, relish the scene, and enjoy good food and wine.

Ready for wine, history, and great food? Buckle up – we’re going to Strasbourg!

Strasbourg is the capital and largest city of the Grand Est region of France, and is the official seat of the European Parliament. Being near the border of Germany, you’ll find a mix of Franco-German culture. If you’re a linguaphile, you’ll particularly love the thrill of being able to practice both your French and German during your stay.

Travelers who love exploring cities will bask in everything Strasbourg has to offer – a slew of Michelin-starred restaurants, cafes at every turn, endless shopping choices – all within a network of extensive cycling paths and convenient public transportation.

Even if you’re not a big city person, it’s worth spending a couple of days in Strasbourg. It’s a great base to explore the Bas-Rhin department of the historic region of Alsace, and you’ll find lots of green spaces within – the most notable being the Parc de l’Orangerie and the Jardin des Deux Rives.

To make your holiday as fun as possible, read on for my top recommendations on where to stay in Strasbourg.

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Where to stay in Tallinn, Estonia – neighborhood guide and best hotels

Looking for a new city to explore? Tallinn definitely fits the bill. Estonia’s capital will fondly remind you of many of your favorite European cities – and yet it’s completely distinctive and fresh. This classic port city has as many influences as the waves of people that have found their way onto its piers, and now it’s fast-becoming Europe’s prime startup scene. It’s for anyone looking for a dose of creative inspiration and heaps of adventure, really. Sounds like you? Here’s how to explore and where to stay in Tallinn.

Step into any of the world’s most exciting cities and you’re sure to find elements of the old and new.

The timeline begins in the historical center, showcasing the city’s oldest buildings and earliest traditions, perhaps the city’s oldest pub or a piece of cryptic medieval art. You hear the collective buzz of a hundred languages converged in one square, and make your way through people all looking for that perfect shot. As you walk outwards, a narrative unfolds. The buildings change gradually according to the city’s history – an era of opulence there, the dawn of a new artistic movement here. You fall in step with smartly-dressed locals all in a hurry to get somewhere – you’re the only one looking up at the buildings. You eventually reach a district that screams of the present – trendy restaurants, concept cafes, and brightly-lit shops with attractive displays of the latest styles, all punctuated by young people in pastels and bright colors, their faces hiding behind a laptop, a cup of coffee, or a phone.

In Tallinn, Estonia, the passage of time is not so linear. It’s as loopy and twisty as the streets of the city itself, winding through trees and buildings and time itself.

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Where to stay in Brno, Czech Republic – best hotels in South Moravia’s exciting capital

In between ultra-touristy Prague and pricey Vienna, lies Brno – the unassuming, underrated, but ultimately hip capital of Czech Republic’s South Moravian region. Here’s a city that houses magnificent architecture, a vibrant food and drinks scene, and a number of quirky attractions, and yet none of the crowds and hefty price tags of the more popular Central European cities. If you’re looking for a cool city to chill in, then you have to check this out. Here’s where to stay in Brno.

Lying in the center of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, it’s easy to miss Brno. For most travelers, it’s a train stop between Central Europe’s most popular destinations. But if you’re looking for a break from the ultra-touristy (looking at you, Prague) and expensive (ahem, Vienna) cities, Brno is the perfect layover.

In Brno, you’ll get to enjoy magnificent architecture, a vibrant food and drinks scene, and a couple of quirky attractions – minus the crowds and hefty price tags. Plus, you’ll be a short train ride away from Czech Republic’s best wineries housed in castle towns and charming villages, making this the perfect laidback city break.

Take a break from your hectic Central European bucket list. Add a couple of days in Brno to your itinerary and recharge in its artsy cafes, cool wine cellars, and sprawling green spaces. Here’s where to stay in Brno.

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Where to stay in Prague – a complete guide to the city’s best neighborhoods and hotels

Where to stay in Prague - a guide to the neighborhoods and best hotels in Prague

“Prague won’t let you go, the little mother has claws,” so said Franz Kafka, the capital’s most famous son.

And while Franz Kafka obviously had a deeper connection with the city, once you’ve been to Prague, it doesn’t quite let you go. One moment you’re walking to work, running through your never-ending to-do list in your mind, when a sight of an old rusty street lamp brings you back to Prague’s narrow and dimly-lit cobbled streets, the smell of roasted duck intermingling with the sweet aroma of cinnamon, strains of classical music and that unmistakable sound of clinking beer mugs spilling out onto the streets.

There’s much to love about Prague. While it is certainly a grand example of an old medieval city, with centuries’ worth of Gothic, Romantic, and Baroque architectures splendidly preserved and standing proudly after world wars, fires, and natural calamities failed to bring them down, there’s also always something new going on in the city. It could be a new row of restaurants, a new edgy café in an up-and-coming neighborhood, or a new quirky art installation.

All these led to the Prague of today: a city that goes from medieval to modern, conventional to quirky, historic to hipster, and sacred to scandalous in a few blocks.

So it goes that your experiences in Prague can depend heavily on which neighborhood you choose to spend your days and nights. Whether you’re up for a crash course in European history and arts, a romantic holiday peppered with food and shopping trips, or you’re here for the beer, there’s a lovely Prague district that won’t let you go. Continue reading “Where to stay in Prague – a complete guide to the city’s best neighborhoods and hotels”

Driving in France – everything you need to know for your road trip

Let your sense of adventure take you to France’s picturesque villages, gorgeous natural landscapes, and spectacular coasts with this essential guide to driving in France. Here’s everything you need from renting a car in France, navigating in style, to planning the ultimate road trip.

Picturesque villages, spectacular coasts, and delectable cuisine – these are just a few reasons why France is one of the world’s favorite destinations! Go beyond the cities and inject joie de vivre to your next French adventure by hitting the road and exploring the country, one amazing stopover at a time. Here’s everything you need to know about driving in France.

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Best things to do in Brno – essential sights and where to eat, drink, and stay

If you’re looking for a hip European city with loads of culture and attitude, minus the crowds and the hefty price tag, Brno’s the perfect destination for you. While largely overshadowed by Prague, Czech Republic’s second city has a lot to offer. Its medieval streets and underground labyrinths tell stories as far back as the 13th century while the modern buildings and cafes that sprout endlessly continue to make Brno the vibrant city it is today. Check out this travel guide to plan your trip to Brno!

When you’re on holiday, you get to have the most indulgent dilemmas of all.

Like: “Should we wake up early tomorrow to catch the sunrise and take gorgeous morning pictures of the lakeside? Or sleep in and cuddle on our impossibly snug and cozy queen bed?”

If you’re in the Czech Republic or planning to visit soon, you’re probably agonizing: “Where should I go after Prague?”

While the popular answer may be the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov or the spa town of Karlovy Vary, let me invite you to a cool alternative city break: Brno, the capital of South Moravia.

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3 days in Vienna, Austria – the perfect mix of classic landmarks and local gems

Here’s your essential travel guide to Vienna, Austria’s majestic capital. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate little holiday in this city that has mastered the art of work-life balance. Live the city’s mantra – productive idleness – with mornings lingering in coffee houses, afternoons filled with classic and trailblazing art and culture, and evenings at the park or the opera. Whatever you’re in the mood for, this city break guide covers all the best things to do in Vienna.

In a word, Vienna is awesome. Not in the way that everything seems to be “awesome” these days, so much so that is has lost its meaning. Vienna is awesome in the truest sense of the word – inducing awe and inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration.

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