Where to stay in Colmar, France – the perfect base for a holiday in Alsace

If you’re in need of a holiday, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Alsace. With gentle weather, amazing gastronomy, and unbelievably friendly folks everywhere, a trip to Alsace is exactly what a holiday should be. And after several months of going from one wine region to the next, I pretty much have a solid rule of thumb: if the place is good enough for the grapes, it’s good enough for you.

Now you may be tempted to make Strasbourg your home while in Alsace. While Strasbourg is an amazing city (and not to be missed!), it’s a good 1-2 hours’ drive away from the best of Alsace’s historic wine route and natural landscapes. Rather than spending your precious holiday time driving back and forth, break up your stay into two bases: Strasbourg to the north and Colmar to the south. Here’s where to stay in Colmar.

The heart of the historic wine route in Alsace, France’s northeastern wine region, is Colmar – a pretty town that’s straight out of a fairytale. It’s the perfect base for a holiday in Alsace and home to amazing gastronomy, charming architecture, and an overall great holiday vibe. Here’s where to stay in Colmar.

Where to stay in Colmar, France

If you’re headed to Alsace to tour the historic wine route, there’s no better place to stay than Colmar, the capital of Alsatian wine. Lying 64 KM southwest of Strasbourg, this beautiful well-preserved town is home to many architectural landmarks and museums that allow holiday-goers a glimpse of the traditional Alsatian life. You can also almost always count on good weather – thanks to the Vosges mountains, Colmar enjoys a sunny microclimate and is one of the driest cities of France. Who doesn’t like great weather when on holiday?

We decided to stay in Colmar for half of our stay in Alsace, and we couldn’t be happier. Colmar is a gorgeous city and a convenient base for our drives around the southern part of Alsace.

Hotels and accommodations in Colmar

Boutique and luxury hotels in Colmar

A holiday in France is all about treating yourself to the finer things in life. If you want to feel fresh and pampered from your holiday in Colmar, stay in one of these gorgeous boutique and luxury hotels.

  • Travelers’ Pick: Le Colombier – One of the prettiest spots in Colmar is the Little Venice district, and Le Colombier is right in the middle of it. Along with the picturesque surroundings, the hotel treats you to spacious and elegant rooms and suites, as well as an in-house bar. Double rooms start at EUR 135.
  • Le Rapp – There’s a lot to love about Le Rapp – a central but quiet location, private parking space, gorgeous rooms, and an in-house restaurant serving the best traditional Alsatian cuisine. This is particularly great for couples and families. Double rooms start at EUR 100.
  • James Boutique Hotel Another gorgeous hotel to check out is James Boutique Hotel. It’s also centrally located with modern rooms, private parking space and an in-house bar. Double rooms start at EUR 130.
  • La Maison Des Tetes – If you’re looking for something really luxurious, you can’t go wrong with La Maison Des Tetes. Set in a classic 17th century building in the center of town, you’ll be treated to the very best of Colmar – from the views to the traditional Alsatian cuisine to elegant rooms and common areas. Double rooms start at EUR 220.

Where to stay in Colmar, France – the heart of the Alsace wine route, this city has a lot to offer. These half-timbered houses are the perfect setting to a storybook holiday. Read more for hotels in Colmar.

Business hotels in Colmar

If you’re looking for hotels with less frills but would still give you an enjoyable stay, check out these mid-range hotels in Colmar.

  • Travelers’ Pick: Colmar Hotel – This 3-star hotel is great especially if you’re touring Alsace by train – it’s a 3-minute walk from the Colmar train station and they’re generally helpful when it comes to storing your luggage and letting you wait in the premises for your train ride out. They have excellent rooms and amenities and at EUR 90 for doubles, it’s a great value hotel indeed.
  • Comfort Hotel Expo Colmar – This is another great 3-star hotel, but better suited for those who’ll be exploring Alsace with a car. It’s 4 KM from the city center and they offer free parking space. Twin rooms start at EUR 60.

Hotels and apartments for families in Colmar

  • Travelers’ Pick: Villa Elyane – If you want to have a great holiday with your family, this lovely villa in the center of Colmar is the perfect place for you. Villa Elyane is a historical French home remodeled with modern amenities, and with beautiful rooms, plenty of relaxing common areas, and child-friendly amenities. Double rooms start at EUR 140 while family rooms start at EUR 240.
  • L’ambassadeur – If cramped hotel rooms make you go crazy, staying in these huge apartments would save your sanity while you holiday with your family. L’ambassadeur has big, beautiful apartments in the Colmar center, with up to 3-bedroom apartments for really big parties. Apartments start at EUR 70.
  • Suites Residences Spa – If you want a mix of home amenities and hotel-like pampering, the Suites is a great place for you. You’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen, and enjoy the luxury of a spa center and a private pool. Apartments start at EUR 100.

Budget hotels in Colmar

If you’d rather spend your euros on food and wine, stay in one of Colmar’s budget hotels. You’ll be happy to know that in Colmar, budget doesn’t mean gray, dingy rooms.

  • Hotel Roi Soleil Colmar – If you’re planning on getting a rental car, this is a pretty solid hotel choice. It has comfortable and clean rooms, basic amenities, helpful staff, and free parking space. The reason I only recommend this for those who will have their own car is that it’s a good 3 KM from Colmar’s city center. But other than that, it’s a great choice with double rooms starting at just EUR 40. (If you have a bit of extra money to shell out and want a slightly more luxurious experience, check out the higher-end Hotel Roi Soleil Prestige.)
  • Romantic Studio Center – If you need someplace more central, check out the apartments on offer here. They have spacious studios that have basic amenities, free parking, and even a patio. Apartments that can accommodate up to 4 persons start at EUR 65.

Where to stay in Colmar, France – Colmar’s streets are peppered with charming buildings like this. Stay in Colmar for a wonderful holiday in Alsace.

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I hope this helps you plan your trip to Colmar! I really enjoyed my time in Alsace so expect lots of blog posts on the region over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you’re traveling soon and have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I’ll be happy to assist.

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