Road trip in South Korea – from Seoul to the countryside

A road trip through South Korea’s beautiful countryside will bring you to stunning lakes and mountains, lovely villages, and amazing scenery you wouldn’t otherwise find in the country’s busy and bustling cities. Step out of Seoul and see more of South Korea with this exciting and easy-to-follow road trip itinerary.

A couple of years ago, my friends and I attended a convention in Seoul, South Korea. In a classic work/travel balancing act, we managed to sneak in a short road trip to the countryside south of Seoul.

Back then, we were all visiting South Korea for the first time. By the end of our first day in Seoul, we were so in love with the city – everything about it was amazing! From its delicious food to its dazzling nightscape, to the lively shopping districts…

But the best was before us: beautiful roads, stunning lakes and mountains, and lovely villages. An hour into the road trip, any misgivings we may have about trading extra days shopping in Seoul for a road trip to some unknown were immediately dispelled.

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Driving in South Korea – what you need to know

Driving in South Korea - what you need to know

Driving in South Korea is a fun way to discover the country. The country’s cities are exciting and a great start to your adventures, of course, but to really get a sense of South Korea, you have to venture to its small quaint towns and have a taste of its amazing countryside.

While it is possible to go around South Korea using public transportation, driving around is a lot more convenient and fun. It definitely saves you travel time and if you plan your trip right, it can even save you money. Plus: it’s a lot easier to do than you think – even if you don’t speak their language.

Here are my tips for renting a car and driving in South Korea.

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Driving from Vienna to Salzburg – a scenic road trip through Austria’s countryside

Take a break from Austria’s magnificent cities and drive from Vienna to Salzburg across the country’s gorgeous countryside. Sprawling hills, emerald pastures, and charming little towns await! Here’s your essential travel guide with everything you need to know about driving in Austria.

Driving from Vienna to Salzburg is a quick and easy way to visit two of Austria’s magnificent cities. Salzburg is approximately 300 km to the west of Vienna, and you can easily reach it via the A1 motorway (West Autobahn) in 3 hours.

But while Vienna and Salzburg both have much to offer, a scenic road trip across Austria’s countryside will give you a more delightful overview of the country. Rolling hills, majestic mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and storybook towns await in this amazing road trip itinerary from Vienna to Salzburg!

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Driving in Alsace – a road trip in the gorgeous French wine region

One of the best things to do in Alsace is driving around the region! Go on a scenic road trip through charming little towns, never-ending vineyards, and scenic forest roads for a holiday to remember.

When it comes to relaxing holidays, there’s no town like a wine town. One: you have the perfect weather that helps create the perfect grapes. Two: these grapes create amazing wine that inspires delicious food. And three: this makes everyone giddy happy and friendly!

But too much of a good thing can be oh-so-wonderful, so we add one more ingredient to this perfect holiday recipe: the open road. And that’s exactly how we spent our holiday in Alsace, France’s northeastern wine-growing region: a road trip through beautiful towns, lush vineyards, and breathtaking mountain roads, all while filling up on good food, great wine, and amazing sights.

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Driving from Prague to Vienna, slowly through Czech Republic’s scenic south

Czech Republic is filled with gorgeous castle towns, medieval villages, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Visit them in this road trip itinerary from Prague to Vienna!

Here’s how the typical Central European travel itinerary goes: you spend a few days in Prague with several early morning attempts to take pictures at the Charles Bridge, board a train to Vienna where you blitz through the many historical churches and museums, maybe even spend an evening at the opera and have a slice of sachertorte, then take another train to Budapest, where you fill your camera with more crowded pictures of the Fisherman’s Bastion. By the end of this trip, you hardly remember anything and you just want to collapse in bed and take another vacation.

I get it. For most of us non-European travelers, Europe is this shiny, star-studded continent filled with some of the world’s best, most romantic, most historical – most superlative – cities in the world that we just want to cram our itineraries and see ALL. OF. THEM. The lack of borders and ease of movement is also mind-blowing for most of us that we get a little bit (or a lot) trigger-happy when planning our trips.

But here’s a radical suggestion: take it slow. Instead of rushing from one country to the next, take some time to really explore a place. While capital cities like Prague and Vienna are, of course, must-visits for first-time travelers, you can make your trip a lot more interesting with stop-overs to the little towns in between. You’ll establish a deeper connection with the places you visit, gain a better understanding of the culture, and have a more fulfilling holiday experience.

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Driving from Amsterdam to Giethoorn – a road trip through Flevoland

Windmills, tulips, canals, and cows – do these words make you think of the Netherlands? If you’re up for a little road trip from Amsterdam to the countryside, check out Flevoland – a region just an hour’s drive northeast of Amsterdam that’s filled with everything Dutch.

If you’re craving for more of Amsterdam’s Dutch charm and magic but a little less of the crowds and buzz, take a road trip through Flevoland. It’s a region just an hour’s drive northeast of Amsterdam that will take you through the beautiful countryside and to charming canal towns. And yes, Giethoorn – which is every photographer/Instagrammer’s dream – is one of those gorgeous little towns.

While a day trip is doable, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to stay for the night. Check out this road trip itinerary for the best of Flevoland.

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5 days in the Czech Republic – the best sights for your first visit

Here’s what to do on your first visit to the Czech Republic: immerse in the fairytale cities of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, drive or hike around the countryside, and drink up the magic, atmosphere, and the world’s greatest beer.

The Czech Republic is an amazing country with a wealth of culture, history, architecture, and natural beauty. In this 5-day itinerary for first-time visitors, you’ll fall in love with two of Europe’s most beautiful cities and get a taste of the great outdoors that makes hiking one of the Czechs’ favorite past times. By the end of your trip, you’ll realize 5 days is hardly enough. These are the sights that will surely make you come back. Continue reading “5 days in the Czech Republic – the best sights for your first visit”

Udo Island – a taste of Jeju in a day

Little holidays in Udo Island

There’s something that a lot of first-time travelers to Jeju don’t realize: the island is huge.

Most people think they can fly in to Jeju in the morning, hike Hallasan mountain, visit 3 or 4 museums, spend an afternoon at the beach, maybe do a little shopping in Lotte Duty Free, before getting on the last flight out back to Seoul or Busan.

Even allotting two days in the island is not enough, not even for fast-paced travelers.

But if you only have two days and you want to experience Jeju’s beautiful natural landscape, you should go to Udo Island. Continue reading “Udo Island – a taste of Jeju in a day”