Road trip in South Korea – from Seoul to the countryside

A road trip through South Korea’s beautiful countryside will bring you to stunning lakes and mountains, lovely villages, and amazing scenery you wouldn’t otherwise find in the country’s busy and bustling cities. Step out of Seoul and see more of South Korea with this exciting and easy-to-follow road trip itinerary.

A couple of years ago, my friends and I attended a convention in Seoul, South Korea. In a classic work/travel balancing act, we managed to sneak in a short road trip to the countryside south of Seoul.

Back then, we were all visiting South Korea for the first time. By the end of our first day in Seoul, we were so in love with the city – everything about it was amazing! From its delicious food to its dazzling nightscape, to the lively shopping districts…

But the best was before us: beautiful roads, stunning lakes and mountains, and lovely villages. An hour into the road trip, any misgivings we may have about trading extra days shopping in Seoul for a road trip to some unknown were immediately dispelled.

But I’m getting way ahead of this story. Here’s how my first trip to South Korea went – and why I’ve come back so many times since. Continue reading “Road trip in South Korea – from Seoul to the countryside”