Cooking Czech cuisine at home

Kristyna of the Czech Cookbook shares some of her best recipes to help you recreate that savory goodness of Czech cuisine. If you’re craving for a trip back to our beloved Czechia, a few hours in the kitchen will bring back the delicious memories of your favorite Czech food.

My most vivid travel memories always involve food.

I first visited the Czech Republic in 2014. I went around the old town and the castle complex, took a hundred photos along Charles Bridge, and waited for the astronomical clock’s hourly Apostles’ march. But of all these wonderful and historic things in Prague, there’s one thing I remember the most: the smell of cinnamon.

I remember watching the rows of trdelnik grilling in a little stall to the side of the old town square, the crystals of sugar caramelizing further with each turn of the rolled dough, letting out that irresistible smell of burnt sugar. I remember getting my hands on one that was indulgently topped with vanilla ice cream despite the cool weather. I remember biting into the doughy exterior, the cinnamon flavor and caramel mixing perfectly with the soft ice cream.

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