Fill your world with cherry blossoms – a gift guide for every sakura-lover

Have to skip this year’s hanami season, but can’t live without cherry blossoms? Or perhaps, you simply need to surround yourself with beauty, long after the ephemeral blooms have come and gone?

If you love cherry blossoms and live for spring season, this gift guide is for you and every sakura-lover out there. Fill your world with cherry blossoms – at home, work, and everywhere you go.

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Every spring, sakura-lovers all around the world congregate in Japan for the annual hanami or flower-viewing season. If you can't make it to hanami this year, how about making the cherry blossoms come to you instead? In this gift guide, you'll find home decors, bath products, and personal items that will surely surround you with the spring season’s fresh and inspiring vibe. Click through for a cherry blossoms-inspired gift guide.

Cherry blossoms at home

If you can’t visit the cherry blossoms in Japan this year, make them come to you instead. Decorate your bedrooms with these gorgeous cherry blossoms-inspired home items. What’s a better way to relax than to surround yourself with beauty?

Find your zen with these Japanese-inspired cherry blossoms bed sheets, bedroom curtains, and wall art. If you want to take your decorating a step further, get these Japanese sakura lanterns for a more authentic feel.

Cherry blossoms at work

Keep yourself inspired and productive with these beautiful blooms. You’ll be quickly filling up a notebook as beautiful as this with your ideas. If you want to get excited every day to open up your laptop and get to work, get this gorgeous laptop bag and prettify your laptop with this patterned hard case.

Cherry blossoms-inspired travel items

Keep the sakura close to you wherever you go. This iPhone case is a constant reminder of everything that’s beautiful in the world. For a fresh and feminine fashion statement, pair this leather tote bag and printed wallet with a day dress. And after a day of sightseeing or working out, keep yourself hydrated with this gorgeous tumbler.

Cherry blossoms for yourself

Last but not least, spoil yourself (or your favorite friend) with these personal items that will instantly transport you to the peak of sakura season.

Begin each day with a cup of cherry blossoms-flavored tea. Trigger those wonderful spring memories with the scent of sakura on your skin – in your shampoo, shower gel, or moisturizer. Or keep it close to your heart with this dainty necklace.

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If you want to read more about the cherry blossoms in Japan, check out this guide to Spring in Japan 2017.

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