Where to stay in Tokyo: budget hotels that won’t break the bank!

Tokyo is an expensive city –it’s reliably always in the top 10 most expensive cities of any survey, both for locals and travelers. And while a lot of travelers shy away from visiting Tokyo because of this intimidating fact, there are affordable alternatives in the city that you can check out.

Here are 10 hotels in Tokyo that don’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s not all hostels and capsule hotels here! You can still stay in Tokyo in style even with a small budget.

Cheap doesn’t have to be lousy. These 10 affordable but comfortable and convenient hotels in Tokyo will let you explore the city with style. Save this for your dream trip to Japan!

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Budget Tokyo hotels for solo travelers

Tokyo is a great destination for solo travelers. It’s a very safe city with a great public transportation network, and people here won’t think it strange that you’re traveling by yourself. In fact, there are lots of things you can do in Tokyo by yourself – you’ll probably even get perks for being a solo rider. And don’t stress about the language barrier – you can get by with a polite sumimasen (“excuse me”, “sorry”, sometimes even “thank you”) and a friendly attitude.

Here are really cool Tokyo hostel options for solo travelers. I chose hostels in great, convenient locations with a friendly atmosphere.

Planetyze Hostel

Planetyze Hostel is in a great central location, Chuo Ward. It’s within walking distance of several subway stations making getting around Tokyo a breeze. Travelers also like it for its spacious rooms and shared lounge that’s perfect for chilling after a day of adventuring.

WOW FACTOR: It’s a great choice for travelers who plan on the go as the staff can assist you with your travel plans – they even have touch-panel screens with Japan guidebooks, so you can plan the rest of your stay in the country within the hostel’s lounge.

Beds start at USD 20.

Bunka Hostel Tokyo

For solo travelers who like to explore Tokyo’s cultural and historic districts, Bunka Hostel Tokyo is conveniently located near the Asakusa station, Tokyo’s cultural downtown district. It’s great for travelers who are interested in visiting Tokyo’s temples and going on city walks.

WOW FACTOR: Great location and fast Internet connection.

Beds start at USD 30.

Budget Tokyo hotels for couples

Tokyo is a great destination for couples! With all the great food, gorgeous cityscapes, and unique activities, it’s easy to fall in love with Tokyo – and with your travel partner.

There’s a lot to do in Tokyo to pump up each other’s adrenaline, or you can also go for a relaxing holiday. However fast or slow your travel pace is, it’s always great to come home to a nice place in the city where you can unwind together.

Here are some great apartment stays in Tokyo that’s perfect for couples.

The Sky Tree North

Get comfortable in Tokyo with your beloved in The Sky Tree North, an unbelievably affordable apartment in a great, convenient location. It’s perfect for city walks along the Sumida river, for sightseeing, and cultural trips.

WOW FACTOR: It’s always great to stay in an apartment as you get to have the place to yourself and it comes with convenient amenities. This one is particularly cozy and comfortable, with nice views of the city.

Apartments start at USD 50.

Tokyo Style

If you want to experience an authentic Tokyo living with your significant other, check out Tokyo Style, a Japanese-style apartment in Koto Ward where you’ll be close to Tokyo’s cultural sights but just a little off-center to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

WOW FACTOR: Convenient apartment stay as you’ll have access to a washing machine and a kitchen.

Apartments start at USD 90.

Budget Tokyo hotels for families

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo with your family, let me tell you something: your kids will LOVE you for it!

The city is kid-friendly thanks to its safety and cleanliness and there’s SO MUCH to do for young people! Of course, there’s Disney. But then there are also loads of zoos, amusement parks, pop culture museums, themed restaurants and cafes, and shops of some of their most beloved fictional characters. Locals in Tokyo are also most likely to smile and coo at your little ones as they absolutely love seeing children.

Here are some great Tokyo hotels for families of all sizes.

Oak Hostel Sakura

This hostel feels more like an economy hotel and is in the peaceful Sumida ward, a perfect base for families to explore Tokyo from. Apart from clean and bright rooms, they have convenient amenities like bike rentals, a kitchen, washing machine, and even office amenities.

WOW FACTOR: Children are welcome, and younger children may even stay for free (check with the property when you make your booking).

Rooms for four start at USD 85.

Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

This is one of the best value economy hotels in Tokyo, perfect especially for bigger groups. It’s in a great location in the historic district Asakusa, plus it offers great and convenient amenities like an on-site concierge that can help you with your travel plans and a shared lounge where you can use computers with fast Internet access. If you’re coming to Japan for a special occasion, the property can also hold events on site.

WOW FACTOR: They have big family rooms that can accommodate up to 10 adults, so this is the perfect option for really big groups!

Twin rooms start at USD 64, family rooms for 10 start at USD 260. They also have rooms for 3, 4, 6, and 8 adults.

Half the price, twice the fun! Make the most of your stay by staying in one of these comfortable and affordable budget hotels in Tokyo. The more you save on your room, the more you can splurge on your adventures! Click through for a quick list!

Budget Tokyo hotels for groups of friends

Tokyo is a nice city break for a group of friends. There’s literally something for everybody in this city, so it’s a great choice even for travel buddies who can’t seem to agree on an itinerary!

My personal suggestion is to keep your travel plans vague and broad. Stay in an exciting and convenient neighborhood like Akihabara or Asakusa, and explore your particular places of interest in smaller groups or even solo. Then get together at some point to explore Tokyo’s neighborhoods together (Asakusa for cultural sightseeing, Kichijoji for hipster Tokyo), go on day trips (like this one to Enoshima-Kamakura), and brave the long lines for the city’s best eats.

Here are great Tokyo accommodations for your group.

Grids Akihabara Tokyo

Akihabara is a great location for groups of friends to stay in Tokyo – especially if you’re all traveling together to nerd out on Japan’s pop and alternative culture. Grids Akihabara Tokyo is the perfect hotel for you as it’s right in the middle of Tokyo’s quirky Akihabara district. Its nice rooms and shared areas won’t at all feel like slumming it.

WOW FACTOR: Great communal area perfect for socializing with other travelers.

Private rooms for four start at USD 170, beds start at USD 27.

Check it out: Grids also has a branch near the JR Tokyo station!

K’s House Tokyo Oasis

If your group is more into the cultural side of Tokyo, stay in this beautiful accommodation that’s a notch above your basic hostel. Located in the historical district Asakusa, you’ll get to have beautifully designed private rooms and great amenities for the price of an affordable hostel stay.

WOW FACTOR: Great value for money in a great location!

Private rooms for four start at USD 136, beds start at USD 26.

Budget Ryokan in Tokyo – Traditional Japanese accommodations

While Tokyo is nearer to “futuristic” than “ancient”, I won’t blame you for wanting to experience Japan the traditional way. While indeed, most traditional Japanese accommodations (known as ryokan) are on the expensive side, there are some options that are affordable for the mid-range and budget travelers.

Ryokan Katsutaro

If you’re looking for a traditional Japanese accommodation experience, stay at an affordable ryokan like Ryokan Katsutaro. This traditional Japanese hotel is located in Ueno, with easy access to the neighboring districts of Akihabara and Ginza.

It’s a wonderful way to experience Japanese-style living, and you can even go around the area the Japanese way: by bikes! There’s a zoo and a park near the area, too, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to walk around the neighborhood.

WOW FACTOR: Traditional Japanese accommodations at affordable prices are a rarity. This one even comes with friendly hosts and a great location.

Double rooms start at USD 72; for solo travelers, you can get it starting at USD 44.

Kimi Ryokan

Another great and affordable ryokan in Tokyo is Kimi Ryokan, located in the hip neighborhood of Ikebukuro. This is especially ideal for younger travelers who want to be near shopping areas and foodie destinations, yet still want a taste of authentic Japan-style living.

WOW FACTOR: Authentic Japanese experience within Tokyo’s hip neighborhood. Great for younger travelers looking for a mix of the cultural and modern, all in affordable prices.

Double rooms start at USD 63; solo travelers can get rooms starting at USD 44.

Hotel deals in Tokyo now

Looking to score a sweet hotel deal in Tokyo? Check out these real-time deals for hotels in Tokyo — you might just get a luxury accommodation for cheap!


* * *

I hope this guide somehow makes your Tokyo budget a lot more manageable! The biggest bulk of your travel expenses in Tokyo will definitely go to accommodations, so if you can save on that, you’ll have plenty more to spend on food, shopping, and adventures. Yay!

If you’re not booking yet, make sure to save this page and check the hotel deals above for current, real-time information. It would also be great if you can share this with friends and family thinking of traveling to Tokyo soon. You can find more guides for Japan travel here.

Have a fun holiday in Japan!

First published: August 2, 2017

Last updated: May 9, 2018 – updated information on hotels in Tokyo

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